Do you have pets and are looking for an excellent floor to replace what you have? Then consider luxury vinyl flooring. At Fashion Floor Center, we think that LVF and pets go together. It has beauty and durability that will last for years and be perfect for your pets.

Luxury Vinyl is for pets

Luxury vinyl plank and tile are both perfect for a pet-friendly floor. They are suitable for high-traffic zones and have excellent protection from pet nails and play. The top layer, a melamine layer, is for daily wear and tear. So you won't see dents, scrapes, and scratches. The design layer has depth to gouge the floor, but you wouldn't see a mark.

The core layer has tough construction to it. It is made of PVC vinyl. This means that it is durable and waterproof. So it will protect the floor from water damage. You’ll be safe from spills, accidents, drips, and stains. The backing layer is also waterproof, so no mold or mildew will be allowed to grow. No matter what, your floor investment is covered.


Now, despite all these durability options, you still want a great-looking floor, right? Luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank deliver on the looks side of things. They are an excellent option for any species of wood or type of tile or stone-look.

Let us help

At Fashion Floor Center, you will be able to find all the materials you need to make your home as pet-friendly as possible. We work hard to make sure that your flooring project is exactly done the way you specified. Our qualified staff listens to all of your needs and requests, and then we work to meet every single one. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our work. Our showroom in Decorah, IA., serves Cresco, Waukon, Calmar, and Ridgeway. Let us help you figure out if LVT or LVP is suitable for your home. With either, you get a quality floor with quality service.