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For your tile flooring, you can’t beat ceramic and porcelain

Tile flooring is known for the wide variety of design opportunities as well as its lengthy lifespan. Perfect for any room in your home, you'll be able to create separate spaces with their personality or wall to wall continuity that everyone will enjoy. But most of all, you'll have plenty of years to enjoy all that it has to offer.

Most homeowners think about tile when searching for a bathroom or kitchen floor covering. But the truth is, these pieces are just as perfect for every other space as well. You’ll find the looks you want and need, no matter what type of décor you have in place.

No matter what kind of tile you’re looking for, we can help

Porcelain tile is an excellent choice for any space, offering a beautiful elegance, excellent water resistance, and durability that performs in the busiest of households. With a through-body coloration, you’ll find that even if chipped or cracked, it’s not likely to be noticed. Because of its gorgeous natural appearance, many homeowners choose a clear coat only, for the most natural appearances.

With ceramic tile, you get many of the same features as you do with porcelain. However, because it lacks the through-body color, it is usually coated with a beautiful liquid glass in a variety of vibrant colors. These pieces are often utilized for rooms where large amounts of color and design are desired, especially when creating custom mosaics. You can even use tile to create matching countertops, backsplashes, or add them to walls as a beautiful accent feature in any room.
Ceramic tile flooring in Calmar, IA from Fashion Floor Center
Both porcelain and ceramic are extremely hard, dense, resistant to water, and offer an average of 50 years of lifespan. They also inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria, creating a very hygienic space wherever it’s installed. For the eco-conscious homeowner, you’ll even appreciate the fact that these materials are entirely recyclable once they are no longer suited for your flooring.

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When you visit Fashion Floor Center, you’ll find an excellent tile store in Decorah, IA. If you’re in the areas of Decorah, Cresco, Waukon, Calmar, or Ridgeway, we invite you to visit our showroom to find the perfect materials for your needs and preferences. Our friendly and knowledgeable associates will be on hand to make sure you find everything you need and answer any questions you might have as well.